Preparing for KCW winter challenge

I’ve been digging in storage bins to see what items I can repurposed into clothes for my toddler. So far I found two skirts I made for myself but they never fit quite like I had hoped and an eddy bower linen skirt that I got at a resale shop with a pretty embroidered design on the bottom. I think I’ll still make a trip to good will in search a few knit shirts to make into shorts but I’m almost ready!

I started tracing and cutting out the patterns I’ll be using. I get a lot more accomplished when I have this step done ahead.



KCW results

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. I had everything laid out for the KCW Winter challenge and was ready to go. That was until my family got a respiratory bug one right after another. Needless to say I didn’t get much accomplished. Here are pictures of a little dress I managed to complete. The pattern is called Perry and it’s by Yeppar. I bought it on etsy a few years back but hadn’t used until now. The dress was simple to make and it made good use of a skirt that I was repurposing.


KCW planning

I thought I’d share a few of the patterns I’m planning to use. Mostly spring and summer clothing that I’ll set aside for the coming seasons. Links are below the pictures from left to right.
1.t-shirt dress 2.Circle skirt 3.Sandcastle halter top
4.Go-to leggings 5.Geranium dress 6.Miss Madeline dress-this pattern isn’t listed anymore but it’s from The Handmade Dress

1.Geranium dress which is a repeat.(can you tell I like this one?)2.Roller skate dress
3. and 4. are from spring editions of Ottbre Magazine

1.Tote 2.Bucket hat

KCW Winter 2015 Challenge

I can’t wait for the KCW Winter challenge! Especially because part of the challenge is to re-purpose old clothes. I think I’ll have to make a trip to the second hand stores and Good Will. I know I have a couple of things here but I’d like to get most of my 2 year old daughters clothing for spring/summer made so I think I’ll need more than what I have on hand. I’ll share a post on Thursday of the patterns I plan to use for her wardrobe. Are you joining the challenge?